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Have You Been To The Land Of ‘Milk + Honey’?

The internet is becoming a great resource for film makers, writers and producers who want to bring the public something different but aren’t able to lock those limited television network slots. Actor/Rapper/DJ (yes, he does all three) Idris Elba has teamed up with Los Angeles based production company brown paper dolls to bring the new African American web series Milk + Honey.

The series follows the lives of four young African American women: Nia, played by Asha Kamali; Samirah, played by Yaani King; Harper, played by Shauntay Hinton; and Farrah, played by Faune Chambers. We follow the lives of these women, who navigate through Hollywood and takes on all of life’s ups and down.  The cast includes Lance Gross, who plays Nia’s boyfriend Will and the ubertalented Debbie Allen, who plays Eva Monroe, a legendary actress and Nia’s acting coach.

The series is two episodes in, with episodes only being about 10 minutes long.  In a world where we are thrusted into the lives of Housewives all over the states, it’s nice to see a Black series that takes a different angle.  Check out both episodes of the series, after the jump…

milk + honey: episode 1 from brown paper dolls on Vimeo.

milk + honey: episode 2 from brown paper dolls on Vimeo.

So what do you think?  Will you be checking for Milk + Honey?

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