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Justin Bieber Raps And Jermaine Dupri Thinks It’s ‘Not Cool’

Young pop star and possibly someone’s “baby daddy” Justin Bieber did a rap over the Otis beat on Power 106 FM last week. Yeah. Let that marinate for a minute. So Source Magazine decided to let producer/rapper Jermaine Dupri know that he needed to check it out. His immediate response?

Laughter ensued! I don’t blame JD not one bit either! Jermaine says that because Justin is a singer, rapping is “not cool” (IE, folks should stay in their lane) but he’s not surprised he rapped.

…as a person who creates artists, I believe that, at some point and wherever he’s trying to go in life…I think that he does it just because he’s young and the youth…the youth…all they care about is Lil Wayne, man. They don’t care about shit else.  Like, his age group, they don’t care about…they don’t LISTEN to anything else but Lil Wayne, know what I’m saying?

I think JD recognizes that Bieber did a rap…but he’s not trying to sign him anytime soon.  Check out the interview, which includes the clip of Bieber freestyle rapping, after the jump…


Yeah. He kept a beat, which is no surprise. And I would bet on a big ole pan of some freshly baked mac & cheese that this isn’t a freestyle.  I’m sure this was the rhyme he wanted to spit at the EBT BET Hip Hop Awards. NO THANKS, JIEBER!!

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