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Friday Funnies: J. Lo To Play Carmen Sandiego? + Where The F*** Is She?

Happy Friday! There’s always a feeling of youth surrounding this day, don’t you agree? I always feel like tossing papers up in the air and breaking out after work like on old Saved By The Bell episode. But speaking of throwback TV, who remembers Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? Extra cool points if you had the original PC game *raises hand* Looks like Jennifer Lopez also remembers the game. She’s planning on producing and possibly starring in Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego: The Movie.

Yeah. The movie.  I loved the game. Hell, I even loved the TV show AND the game show. Yes, I know. I’m showing my age.  But that game rocked and taught me about geography. Win!  It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out.  Today’s generation could use some Carmen Sandiego awesomeness in their lives.  Check out one of the funniest Carmen spoofs to date, after the jump…

AND they had “Rockapella”! LMAO!

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