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It’s Your Fault Kim Kardashian Got A Divorce!!! Says Russell Simmons

I bet you didn’t know that it’s your fault that Kim Kardashian is getting a divorce. Well it is your fault if you let Russell Simmons tell it. Last night Fresh from C&D posted a letter written by Russell Simmons in defense of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ divorce. In the letter Russell Simmons blames everyone, including Occupy Wall Street (his pet project), for Kim Kardashian’s divorce. Everyone except for Kim Kardashian:

All the haters had her divorce papers drawn up in their heads before she ever took her vows!Now they feel cheated because they follow Kim’s every move, buy every product she endorses, watch her every day on TV and somehow feel like they paid for that wedding themselves and didn’t get to see the blow out, drag down fights up that led to the split up close and personal themselves. Misery loves company and loves it the most when there’s an opportunity to tear down a famous person the public has built up.

Wow! When celebs are so out of touch with reality it’s almost laughable. Russell Simmons has just proven why he lives in a bubble,  and couldn’t possibly understand everyday people, let alone Occupy Wall Street. He just blamed all of you for Kim Kardashian’s success, marriage, and divorce. Russell Simmons sounds just like Herman Cain, calling people lazy for being unemployed when there aren’t enough jobs to employ them because Wall Street wants more tax cuts. Really Russell? It’s the people’s fault that Kim Kardashian created a media circus around her life and marriage, and you’re surprise, there’s now a media circus around her divorce.

Guess what? When you rock a 22 carat wedding ring, sponsored by a company, your marriage will probably look like a sham. Because the very symbolism of your love already has a price tag placed upon it by someone else. When you call your wedding a fairy tale and advertise on every blog and website, it’s probably going to become a reality very soon, and by reality, I don’t mean a reality TV show . When you don’t seek counseling or even inform your spouse about the divorce, or try to work on the marriage past 72 days, then people are not going to take you seriously AT ALL. If a marriage ends because you can’t figure out where to live, then how could you stay with someone for “richer or poorer” or “better or worse”. I have witnessed Kim Kardashian and Russell Simmons blame everyone except for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.

There are so many people that want Kim Kardashian to succeed, thus the reason she is successful without having a talent or a passion for a cause. There are also a lot people like me, that just aren’t buying it, and see the obvious media manipulation. It’s Kim Kardashian fault!!! The media circus is Kim’s fault, the marriage on TV is Kim’s fault, the divorce, is also Kim’s fault, seeing that she made that decision alone. Here’s an idea, if you don’t want people in your business when times are bad, keep them out of your business when times are good, or better yet, stop selling your business to the highest buyer, if you really value it.

Last but not least, there is a reason why people had the divorce papers drawn up in their head, people that are in real marriages and relationships both famous and not, know the hard work it takes to make a marriage or relationship work. They can see the difference between a couple thirsty for love, and a couple thirsty for fame. Just ask Tyrese. When you have Bette Midler and other celebrities calling your relationship fake, then perhaps you have crossed too many lines. Some things have to be sacred and private and priceless.

Kim Kardashian is mighty thirsty, and there is nothing wrong with that, but don’t go blaming the media or the people when everything backfires, and please don’t blame the people when they can’t see that you’re a human being. Only objects are for sale any cost, and after this wedding the costs seems too high to be real.

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