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MrsGrapevine.com has exclusively learned that Teyana Taylor has been involved in yet another fight!!! Well apparently, Teyana Taylor and Washington Wizards Guard, Nick Young, are very close. How close, I can’t say because they do have a business relationship, but I also know Teyana Taylor and Nick Young have been spotted together a lot more over the past few weeks. In fact they were seen leaving in the same SUV at the  “A Day of Champions” event at the LA Sports Museum last week. Normally that doesn’t mean anything, but the problem is that Nick Young is involved with another woman, and he has been dating this woman for the past five years or so. All three of them (Nick Young, His Girlfriend, and Teyana Taylor) are at the Supper Club in LA Thursday Night, when all H-E-L-L breaks loose. Teyana Taylor reportedly is too friendly with Nick Young while the girlfriend is right there (with him) in the club…and that’s when all of the drama pops.

Find out what happens next, and guess which woman leaves the club with Nick Young??? BTW, this is a true exclusive, so if you see it on MTO, TMZ, or anywhere else please give them a mean *side-eye* for me for stealing this story as their own. Anyway, get the details when you continue…

So Nick Young is in the club with his long term girlfriend, and so is Teyana Taylor, who arrives separately. Nick Young walks over and greets Teyana TaylorTeyana starts hugging on Nick Young, and his girlfriend gets upset and walks over and physically removes Teyana arms from around Nick. I don’t know if Teyana thinks the girlfriend is just some random groupie or what, but Teyana puts her arms back around Nick, and the girlfriend removes Teyana’s hand once again in a more aggressive manner. Teyana then throws a drink in the girlfriend’s face. The girlfriend turns around and punches Teyana Taylor in the face. Yes, punches!!! Nick Young jumps in the middle of the two to keep them apart. He then exits the Supper Club promptly with his girlfriend in tow and they both speed off in Nick’s Maserati.

Teyana Taylor and her team may try to deny it and spin this story, but I guarantee, the scuffle took place. In Teyana’s defense, the girlfriend was aggressive first. Whoa! There’s a lot more drama involved with this story and I will just leave it at that…I have already spilled too much tea.

I hope this does not ruin Teyana Taylor’s LA birthday plans.

All hell breaks loose

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