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Poor Draya can’t catch a break!!! According to Miss Jia, Draya Michele is upset over a “private” home movie that someone is threatening to release to the media. Draya is so upset that she’s canceled a paid appearance. Draya has also apologized on twitter to her family and friends because this sex tape could destroy her reputation and new found career, as well as hurt her love ones…including her son.

Although Draya is not the most forth coming about everything in her past (who would be on national TV), she is still my favorite on Basketball Wives LA. I feel like Draya genuinely wants to change in order to make a better life for her son. But it’s hard growing up and maturing in the spotlight because someone will always try to remind you of your past transgressions. Usually I give people the side-eye when it comes to leaked videos, but I don’t see how this tape could benefit Darya’s career this point in her life. BUT I am never surprised at what people will do for fame.  Anyway, check out the rest of the tweets from @DrayaFace regarding this “private” movie…

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