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Dr. Conrad Murrays Says Michael Jackson Wets The Bed & Sleeps With Dolls

In a new documentary debuting on Monday Night called, Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship, Dr. Conrad Murray reveals some very intimate details about Michael Jackson. When I say intimate, I mean some shady details that doesn’t need to be released to the public after someone’s death, because that person is not around to defend the allegations. I guess in an attempt to defend his record, Dr. Conrad Murray wants us to know that Michael Jackson has (or had) major addiction and psychological issues.  After reading a synopsis of the documentary, I’m not sure if I want to watch Dr. Conrad Murray bashing the King of Pop posthumously.

In the documentary, Murray reveals Jackson regularly “peed the bed.”

“The bedroom that he slept in I had to persuade him, eventually to have it cleaned,” Murray said in the film. “He peed the bed. It did not smell good. It was mildew, and I had to get it clean.”

Murray said Jackson urinating in the bed may have had to do with psychological issues saying, “Who would ever believe that a man his age would still be wetting his bed?” {via NY Post}

Dr. Conrad Murray also talks about Michael Jackson’s child like behavior of sleeping with dolls, and that MJ often refers to propofol (the drugged that killed him) as “milk”. After reading this, I hope Dr. Conrad Murray gets some jail time…

In the doc, Murray also claims that Jackson referred to propofol, the anesthesia believed to have killed him, as “milk.”

“He asked me, ‘Please, please, Dr. Conrad … I need some milk so that I can sleep. If I don’t get any sleep today, I cannot perform, I cannot do anything,'” Murray said, according to reports. “He was pleading and begging me to please, please let him have some ‘milk,’ because that was the only thing that would work.”

Lastly, Murray talks about MJ’s obsession of sleeping with dolls:

Explain a 50-year-old man who sleeps with a baby doll and has pictures of basically infants to 2-year-old children looking at him every night?”

You can read more about the details in documentary at NY Post. Warning, it might make you mad. I know one thing that I will be watching, Conrad’s sentencing hearing.

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