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Celebs Take To Twitpicing Halloween Costumes

Halloween brings out a variety fun costumes of celebrities via Twitter.  I believe one of the first costumes that made me sit up and blink (and drool) EXTREMELY hard is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Fred Flintstone.

Yes. I want to be your Wilma, sir. *fans self* Check out the twitpiced costumes of Maxwell, Holly Robinson Peete, Keri Hilson and Bruno Mars, after the jump…

SA-FREAKIN-LUTE!!!! Oh Maxwell, you could marry me on sight if you wanted…

This was definitely unexpected! At least I think so! Cute, Holly.

Well, Keri didn’t go with a “Pretty Girl Rock” type thing…

Bruno Mars and nem look like they stepped STRAIGHT out of the 80s. Niiiiice!

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