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Beyonce Keeps The Party Going With ‘Live At Roseland’

I am certain that Beyonce and Jay-Z had their pregnancy planned at least a year in advance. Why? Because Beyonce is an amazing business woman and understands that fans would be very eager for her to give birth to little Child of Destiny (I’ll be here all night, ladies and gentlemen!) and get back to making music. In a brilliant move, she’s putting out a live concert DVD called Live At Roseland.

Bey performed a series of 4 intimate concerts in New York and has put them together with additional footage. This will keep her fans satisfied for at least a year or so. Enough time to give birth and have some mommy time. Three clips from the DVD have been released thus far, giving us a look into the concert and personal moments. The lastest clip, I Was Here, (which is one of the three songs I truly love on the wackass 4 album) includes clips of her life and career up until now, including a quick glimpse at her faboulous wedding dress. It’s stunning. And I’m amazed wedding photos haven’t been released but I can dig it! Check out the clip, after the jump…

It’s amazing. Before finding out about the pregnancy, she didn’t look pregnant to me at all. Now? I wonder how we ALLLLL totally missed it! Catch the other videos plus get pre-order information at Beyonce Online.

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