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Wait, WHAT?? Joe Jonas & Lil Wayne??

Uhhhh…maybe I’ve been living in a musical haze but who the hell knew Joe Jonas and Lil Wayne were releasing a song together?? Joe called into On Air with Ryan Seacreast to release song featuring Lil Wayne, an artists he’s been wanting to work with since meeting him 3 years ago at the VMAs. The official song was released last month but the remix featuring Lil Wayne just dropped.

I don’t know, man. I think what I have trouble wrapping my brain around is just…I mean…I thought the Jonas Brothers were a Disney Channel thing…also…umm….JOE JONAS FAHN! I don’t remember his looking like that when he was singing about school with Mickey and ‘nem! *raises an eyebrow* Listen to the brand new song, after the jump…

It’s not too bad, actually. But I hope Joe sticks to music collabs only, when dealing with Lil Wayne. I don’t think I’m quite ready to see him and Lil Luchini Tunechi¬†making it rain at club Onyx.

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