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Is Skinny Jennifer Hudson Becoming A Diva? Paid Singer Skips MJ Tribute…

So Jennifer Hudson just skips the Michael Jackson Tribute in Wales at the last minute. In other words, the singer is a no-show at a tribute for the King of Pop. Now get this, the singer has been paid in advance of the show and pulls out just hours before show time. But why would Jennifer Hudson do such a thing? Jennifer Hudson has been so reliable in the past, even stepping in at the last minute to bail out Donald Trump at a charity event when Rihanna was a no show.

Find out why Jennifer Hudson pulls out of the concert at the last minute when you continue…I’m not saying she’s a diva, well actually, that’s exactly what I am saying…READ on!

To my uk fans that were coming to the mj show in wales. I will no longer be attentding [sic] due to major production issues. I would have thought they would have informed you all by now , so since they did not , I am. Thank u for your support. {via twitter}

According to TMZ, Jennifer Hudson was upset over “production issues”:

According to our sources, Hudson is claiming she felt the show’s producers didn’t give her enough time with the music she was supposed to be singing. According to our sources, Jennifer received her music the same time as all the performers.

Our sources say JHud signed her contract and was paid in full.

A rep for Hudson confirms the reason she cancelled, but says producers “completely understood.” Our sources say that’s not the case at all.

Since Jennifer Hudson has lost the weight her personality doesn’t seem as humble as before, this is coming from a Jennifer Hudson stand. I also can’t believe Jennifer Hudson gets on twitter, and says that the MJ Tribute should have told her fans by now. Ummm, they were probably too busy trying to re-produce the show to cover Jennifer’s last minute cancellation. I am sure more details will follow…so stay tuned!

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