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Sherri Shepherd Comes For Barbara Walter’s Coif…But Falls Short

Over the past few days, Texas governor Rick Perry received backlash from political persons on all sides, not to mention the general public, over the name of a hunting camp of his family’s, “Niggerhead”. This topic once again stirred up racial emotions.  Barbara Walters & crew decided to bring this riveting discussion to “The View”. And who is here to bring this discussion to the table and explain the meaning of racial insensitivity to the American public?  The voice of the African American people, Sherri Shepherd. *straight face*

While Whoopi and Barbara discuss the hunting ground’s name and the correct way to refer to the offensive moniker, Sherri ever being the voice of clarity takes to the stage and explains exactly WHY she’s offended by Barbara’s words.  Peep the video after the jump…

*crickets* Well. I will say this.  She isn’t the only person who feels that way.  But to use the “nigga” vs “nigger” to justify the usage of a racial slur…I can’t get with that. Wig snatch mission is a FAIL, Sherri. Womp!

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