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More Media Bait! Rihanna and Matt Kemp hit the strip club, Strongfellows,  in London together…again. Just a few days ago Dudley O’Shaughnessy, the boxer model from the Rihanna’s video We Found Love, was spotted in the car with Rihanna, sparking rumors of a love connection. But Dudley O’Shaughnessy shut the rumors down fast by saying he refuses to be used by Rihanna:

My career is my biggest priority right now. We had fun together, but I don’t know whether I will see her again to be honest. I’d like to go to America …but for work.

I see, Dudley is either smarter than Drake, or gay (as many of you have suggested). So Dudley exits stage right, and now enters Matt Kemp, all while Drake is on Ellen telling the world how Rihanna broke his heart.

BTW, Rihanna has an album coming out soon called Talk that Talk! What better way to gain publicity than to catch up with your ex, after a night at the strip club. #HiRihanna That girl got game!

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