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OMG! Draya Slept With Gilbert Arenas While He Was With Laura?

I am shocked! Not shocked that Draya possibly slept with Gilbert Arenas, but shocked that we didn’t see this coming. It would makes a lot sense now. It would definitely explain why Laura keeps attacking Draya like she stole something. Now remember none of this has been confirmed, yet, so this is what allegedly happened.

According to our friends at Tattle Tailzz, Draya was reportedly kicking it with Gilbert Arenas while Laura was busy popping out his four babies. Gilbert Arenas is suppose to confirm the situation on the Basketball Wives LA reunion special at the end of the season. I know Shaunie is just loving this LA mess.

Reach Around Radio spilled the beans on their radio station, and here are the details. Boy this is some juicy mess, but it all makes sense now.

On a few episodes back, I think, or whenever Draya was arguing with the rest of the women about the kid situation, come to find out *that’s not what they were really arguing about*. It was *edited.* Basically Laura was mad with Draya because she *effed Gilbert Arenas*. She did it at the stadium. And also Deshawn Stevenson the same night. She called her out on it. Gilbert is backing this story up. He may be telling it on the reunion show. He’s not denying it. He says he passed her [Draya] on to his two friends the same day.

You will see Draya apologize. That’s why she apologizing. Why would she apologize to Laura about the kid situation?…

These are not my words. Here is the actual video from Reach Around Radio.

Well it seems like Laura and Draya are more alike than we thought. Laura allegedly had an affair with Shaq while he was married to Shaunie, and Draya allegedly hooked up with Gilbert while he was dating Laura. In Draya’s defense, at least Gilbert was single.

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