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Nicki Minaj Impersonates Lil Wayne…Kinda Spot On

Yesterday on Twitter, this video popped up on my timeline. Nicki Minaj took some time to record herself impersonating her fearless leader, Lil Wayne. According to Miss Jia, Lil Wayne posted a video about randomness such as Tupac and owning a Bugatti. Sounds like he was rambling and I am gonna guess he might have been…uh…living the high life. *side eye*

As much as I’m not really impressed with Nicki and her rap game all the time (her verse in Kanye West’s Monster is SICK), she seems like a fun chick to hang out with and has a sense of humor.  Check out her Weezy video, after the jump…

So what do you think?  I never thought Lil Wayne talked like Celie from The Color Purple…until now.  Hilarious!

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