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Welcome Back To Music, Justin Timberlake!

I don’t know about you but Justin Timberlake gets my stamp of approval on music. N’Sync was better than Backstreet Boys (This is FACT people!), Justified included songs that Michael Jackson almost recorded and then we get to the awesomely fanTASTIC FutureSex/LoveSounds. A proven track record of singing awesomeness and not to mention FAHN as hell, JT had me hanging on a string (Is this reference showing my age? *side eye*) for his solo third album…

Photo credit: JustinTimberlake.com

And I waited…and waited…and waited…and now, finally, after 5 years we get some brand new JT music! And it’s well worth the wait! Just in time for the fall and winter months, when snuggling up with your boo is in high favor, Justin brings us something to encourage body heat exchange.  Check out the new song, “Words I Say” after the jump…

But if the words I say, make the tears roll down
And they find their way to, make a heartfelt sound
Lips can’t say enough, the tongue controls my mouth
And all that is needed is found, in the corners of your mouth

*Fans self*

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