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I told you times are hard! A mother, Bridget M. Wismer (33), has been arrested and charged with felony children dealing, after trying to sell her newborn son for $15,000 to a homosexual couple in order to take her other two children on a trip to Disney World. Yes, Disney World is that expensive. Apparently, it is illegal to sell your own children, and so now the baby is in foster care with no family. John F. Gavaghan (54) has also been arrested for trying to buy the baby. The two were caught after the grandma reported her daughter to the authorities, but later changed her story.

In statement on local news, Wismer is clearly upset and states over and a over that she did NOT do anything wrong: O_o

I couldn’t just let the baby go, and I couldn’t have an abortion, you know what I mean. And this was like the best thing that ever happened…I gave him to a friend who I knew would be in his life every day…I love my kid as much as anyone can love their kid. I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t do anything wrong! There was nothing that was hidden, everything was out in the open.

Wismer is living with her mother, and the grandma refused to take  in another child, so Wismer claims she arranged custody with a close friend of hers, John F. Gavaghan. This whole thing is quite bizarre. I mean who sells a baby to go to Disney World. Maybe now, Disney will lower their prices. Video of this mess when you continue…

When officers checked with a state Division of Family Services caseworker, they were told the agency had begun investigating Wismer on Aug. 31 when she gave birth to a son at Christiana Hospital. The division also had been told that Wismer planned to sell the baby, police said.

The baby’s birth certificate lists Gavaghan as the biological father.

“He is not the biological father,” Weglarz said. “They didn’t even have a relationship. They met through mutual friends.”

Detectives interviewed Wismer’s mother and other family members, and they all denied that she planned to sell the infant. They alleged the grandmother was “confused when she made the initial allegation,” according to court records.

Investigators were unable to substantiate the information until Thursday, when they received a call from a state police detective, Weglarz said.

The detective said Gavaghan — a horse owner — had been captured on video surveillance Sept. 3 at a Delaware casino completing paperwork given by a woman and giving an unrelated woman cash and a money order, police said in court records.

The surveillance video also captured the writing on one of several handwritten documents dated prior to Aug. 31 that contained information about “payments and balance due ‘for a child to be born on Sept. 8,'” police said in court records.

Assisted by Philadelphia police, county detectives searched Gavaghan’s apartment and found the baby and evidence linking Gavaghan to the crime.

“They found the baby and turned him over to Social Services in Philadelphia,” Weglarz said. “He was later turned over to Family Services in Delaware and is now in foster care.”

During an interview with police Friday, Gavaghan acknowledged entering into an agreement with Wismer and that he wasn’t the baby’s biological father, although he signed the birth certificate as such. {Mother Sells Baby For Trip To Disney World}

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