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If you haven’t noticed, MrsGrapevine.com has added a new writer to the blog and her name is Ms Toni. Who is this Ms Toni? Well she is a fellow blogger at Dear World…Love Toni, where she writes humorous letters to celebrities with a few witty suggestions to enhance their lives. So that you can get a sense of Ms Toni’s writing style, I have decided to ask her a few questions. Questions we all just need to know!

1. Chocolate or Vanilla, Men or Women, Tupac or Biggie

Chocolate because I’m convinced it was made with a sprinkle of heaven, men because I can’t live without em and Tupac because my East Coast blood demands it.

2. Ms Toni likes her man in boxers or briefs?

Hmmm…put those things together! Boxer briefs for the win!!

3)   Natural or Relaxed

Natural! It’s fun playing with my hair!

4. Favorite Celeb (Stan Status)

*audience shouts “MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON!!” before I can say anything*  MJ is everything. Always has been, always will be.  Furthermore, I’m convinced he’s my guardian angel. Yes, I’m serious. Stop making that face.

5. Song that best describes Ms. Toni (Theme Song)

Sting’s “She Walks This Earth”. The song starts out with the lyrics “She’s a soulful/Flower in the garden/Bobbing in the sunlight/And flirting with her eyes”. That’s me. I’m awesome! *dougies*

6. Celebrity Crush (girl crush, gay crush, man crush)

Woo lawd. I man crush HARD on actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He’s evidence of God’s love for me. Don’t ever let him reply to me on Twitter!!! *FAINTS*  And I girl crush on actress Michelle Rodriguez. She’s sexy, fun, laidback and we have the same birthday.  LOVE. HER. And I guess I have a gay crush on Anderson Cooper. He’s so adorable and intelligent and those bedroom eyes makes me wish he was checking for me. *kicks rocks*

7. I want to like (enter celeb name), but their (________) want allow me to.

I want to like R&B singer Drake but his incessant need to be a rapper won’t allow me to. I want Wheelchair Jimmy to sing!  And that’s it.

8. Biggest pet peeve

Typos and grammatical errors. In a world with auto-correct and red squiggly lines, WHY are you still incorrectly spelling congratulations with a “D”??

9. Blogs I love to read

Other than present company (MrsGrapevin,com), I love reading MissJia.com, BlacknBougie.com, LiveForFilms.com and TheOnion.com.

10.  One word best describes me

Makoosa. That means “I dance” (which I do: I’ve studied ballet, tap, jazz, African, modern etc since I was 13) in a Cameroonian language called Duala, which is the origin of MJ’s line of “ma ma se ma ma sa ma ma coo sa” in Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ (my number one, all-time favorite MJ song). See how that’s all connected?? *Forrest Gump voice* Me and Mike was like peas and carrots.

Last, but not least!  I blog because…

I love to write and I love to make people laugh.  We have a lot of things weighing down on us in the world. I try and do my part to remind everyone that all we need is love and that humor is all around us. So let’s enjoy our time here, shall we? *cues “Off The Wall”* *extends hand and waits for you to dance with me*

You can follow Ms Toni on the twitter @Ms_Toni

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