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My two favorite people are returning to Vh1 for Season 2 of Love & Hip-Hop, Mama Jones and Chrissy. Jim Jones is blessed to have these two stubborn but beautiful women in his life. Nothing has changed since we last left off, except these two grown women have brought Jim Jones to tears over their constant bickering.

Guess what? There is a new girl on the show named Kimbella, starting nothing but drama, she is real basic. In the sneak peek below, you will see Chrissy loses her temper while putting a beating on poor Kimbella, who by the way reveals that she’d been dating Fabolous while he was with Emily. Let me say that again, Kimbella tells Emily to her face, that she was dating Fabolous while Emily was pregnant with Fabolous’s child.

WARNING: This really is a hot mess, and it might be time to retire reality TV with women becoming this thirsty for a paycheck or fame.

After seeing themselves on TV last season, I thought they were going to act better and learn to behave. But nope! It gets worse; I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a woman drop kick another woman on national television before…*sighs* But I have now…

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