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Lil ‘Confucius’ Wayne Is Tatted E-V-E-R-Y-Where!!!

Earlier we posted a video of Nicki Minaj imitating Lil Wayne in her on little PSA style parody. In case you have not seen the original video, Lil Wayne decides to drop some knowledge by telling kids not be like him just for the sake of being like him. So then Lil Wayne addresses the issue of tattoos covering the whole body, and decides to let it be known that he has tattoos, everywhere. EVERYWHERE! So if you’ve ever wanted to see Lil Wayne up close and very very very personal, well here you are:

Oh Yes! He does mean everywhere, and he wants to prove it, too.  More pics when you continue…BTW, everyone is laughing at this video, but Lil Wayne was keeping it so real southern edition:

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