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Let’s Discuss: Music Judgery – Should You Or Shouldn’t You?

Well looky here! Willow Smith released her new song on her Facebook Page, “Fireball” featuring Nicki Minaj.  My first impression upon hearing those names together?  That’s a match. Nicki’s personality is the thing preteen’s thrive on.  Willow is very much a performer and can play into Nicki’s extreme-ism uniqueness quite well.

But, I fear, there may be some mockery going down, should a grown woman be caught jamming to this song.  Check out the song for yourself and hear my take on “Music Judgery” *considers trademarking that term* after the jump…

Here’s the definition my Ms. Toni term (trademark pending):  Music Judgery: When you judge a person based on the music they like.  This is something we all do.  If I hear a person discussing how much they love The Foreign Exchange, I pretty much embrace them and proclaim them to be a new best friend.  If another person is discussing how much they love, say, Soulja Boy, I pretty much want to ask them if their childhood was troubled.

When Willow Smith released “Whip My Hair”, I was loving. Hell, if it comes on today, I still try my best to swing my  kinky twists to and fro.  As I proclaimed to love the song and danced out, I was met with men letting me know that a 30 something woman dancing to a song by a 10 year old is immature as all get out. At that point, I pretty much replied with a big “OH.“…then asked them what does it say when their 30 plus self proclaim 16 year Diggy Simmons to be the next hot rapper on the streets? *crickets*

So I ask you:  Music Judgery. Should we engage in it?  Who will admit to it?  What artists will make you see a person in a greater light?  Which ones will make you question their sanity?  And is this really fair? Talk to me!

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