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Let’s Discuss: Herman Cain Is For…American Smokers?

Last night, I walked into my mother’s home and saw one of the most puzzling political campaign commercials I’ve seen in…well…in about one presidency. One of the Republican candidates, Herman Cain, recently put out a new political ad, featuring his Chief of Staff, Mark Block.

The ad has been a hot topic on late night talk shows and pretty potent bait for spoofers anywhere. Check out the ad and discuss what it means, after the jump…

When I first saw the ad, my first thought was “….uhh…..WHAT?”  And to be honest, that’s pretty much been my thought ever since.  Cain’s staff urged Block to just be himself, but the smoke section of the ad does nothing but confuse me. Then, what’s up with the 8 second slow mo smile? So, what do you think?  Does the ad effectively promote Herman Cain and his campaign or is he just asking to be clowned? Let me know what you think!

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