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Let’s Discuss: Celebrities Occupying Wall Street Helps Or Hurts?

If you’ve been anywhere near a television or a computer, chances are you’ve heard about the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. I think I felt like a lot of people when I say I heard the term and saw the protests, but never really got a grip on what it is.

So, for those who need a little break down in layman’s terms, here’s the quickest way I can sum up what is being protested: The American people are frustrated at the lack of jobs for the unemployed and the decline in wages for the employed while the cost of living rises and the richest in America get richer. Banks and corporations are seeing major profits while the unemployment numbers and the number of people in a financial crisis rise.

The top 1% of the nation are people who make over $593,000 per year. Knowing this, I have to say I’ve been surprised at the number of celebrities who are getting involved in the movement.  I mean, aren’t they a part of the 1% that some feel should be accountable? Some of the richest celebrities who’ve joined the cause are Russell Simmons and Kanye West. See just HOW rich they are and voice your opinion, after the jump…

Russell’s net worth is about *Dr. Evil voice* 325 MIIILLLLLIIIIOOONNNN DOLLLAAARRRSSS.  Kanye’s worth is considerably lower but at 70 Million Dollars of net worth to call his own, he has no reason to complain.  (And one time for Yoko Ono, the widow of John Lennon, leading the pack at a net worth of 500 Million Dollars! WHEW!) So basically, Russell and Kanye are out in the streets, standing along the average person…but when work calls, they’re going to some of the very corporations that Occupy Wall Street is protesting against.

So here’s my question:  Is having celebrities from the 1% helping the cause or hurting it?  Are they pointing out their peers’ flaws and drawing attention to the struggle or are they putting on a good face for the public while sitting on their hands when it comes to getting involved with people they probably live next to? Let’s talk this out!

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