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Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Gives Way To Celeb Twitter Sympathy, Humor And Sparks Beef

While the whole world is filled with “I told you so’s” and “It was only a matter of time” regarding Kim Kardashian‘s divorce filing (well…the entire world EXCEPT for Kris Humphries, who didn’t even KNOW Kim was filing papers *OUCH*), Twitter turned into a mini platform for celeb Kardashian talk.

?uestlove of The Roots pretty much won my heart for the best tweet of the day.  However, not everyone looked at the humorous side. See what Boris Kodjoe had to say about turning this lemon situation into lemonade plus see how this all started a mini cyber cat fight between video model Draya and blogger Zeralyn, after the jump…

Then somehow, between the jokes and inspiring words, THIS happened (Read each timeline from bottom to top):

I…how did we even get to this place??? *sigh*

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