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Justin Timberlake, The Rapper. Really.

Oh ok. I think our wishes for new Justin Timberlake music might have gotten mixed up somewhere. Remember when we gave you guess a listen at the some new Justin “panty drop” music? Welp. Justin recently tweeted the video for a new group signed to his upstart label Tennman Records. FreeSol is their name and they’re a hip-hop, rock and soul infused band from Memphis, Tennessee.

While the song is actually not too bad, I have to give JT a HARSH *side eye* for this rap thing he’s doing in the beginning. Yes. He’s rapping. And not only that…he kind of takes a jab at Janet Jackson, yet again. Peep the lyrics and video, after the jump…

May you’re right, maybe I’m an asshole

Oops, did I take it too far? Superbowl

*insert the SHADE filled clip of a chick pulling up her shirt* I’m deducting two cool points. No, Justin.

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