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There are two version of this story circulating, so let me try to break it down. According to Jim Jones, he was attacked by some random thugs in Harlem, who tried to rob him because he was wearing his very icy jewelry while walking through the streets of Harlem {via Miss Info}. According to other “sources” Jim Jones was actually ambushed by his ex-manager Yandy Smith’s boyfriend, after Yandy Smith was disrespected by Jim Jones and Chrissy on the new season of Love & Hip-Hop, that hasn’t even aired yet {via Karen Civil}.

But we all saw the drama unfold during a sneak peek of Love Hip-Hop Season 2. (After seeing Chrissy drop kick Kimbella, I’m not sure if Yandy wants to even go there with Team Jones.)

Chris Brown, Jim Jones, Club Cameo in Miami

Here’s what we do know…

Jim Jones was first approached by a man who remains nameless, possibly Yandy’s boyfriend, and Jim Jones reportedly handled his business. After the first guy attacked Jim Jones and reportedly lost, Jim Jones was attacked again by two other dudes. One reportedly hit Jim Jones in the head with a pipe, and Jim Jones continued to fight, until the other guy pulled out a gun. At that point Jim Jones ran for his life. Listen to Jim Jones explain his side of the story to Miss Info in an exclusive interview right after the incident.

Jim Jones did not reveal any names or even comment on the Yandy situation, but something tells me he knows who was behind the attack. It also sounds like Yandy’s boyfriend caught a beat down, and had to bring in re-enforcement.

I don’t condone violence, but let Mama Jones and Chrissy find out Yandy is behind this attack, and I bet you will see Mama Jones and Chrissy come together and to tag team a _____ .

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