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Jackie Christie Talks ‘Color Struck’ & Issues With Skin Color

Carlton Jordan sits down with Jackie and Doug Christie in an exclusive one on one video. During the video, Jackie is asked about her thoughts on the light-skinned vs dark-skinned debate, that seems to come every year in the black community. Honestly, I found her answers to some of the question a little unsettling, for lack of better word. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the main issue I have with Jackie’s answers during the interview, is that she tends to distance her own complexion from the term dark. She really avoids answering the question regarding her own personal issues or battles with her complexion. Even Doug Christie talks about his issues growing up bi-racial and learning to except being lighter. I know shade is in the eye of the beholder, but I wonder if Jackie had ever has issues with being brown.  BUT, on the other hand, I appreciate that Jackie acknowledges that she has two daughters on both ends of the color spectrum, and talks about how beautiful both of her daughters are in regards to their skin color. It’s nice to hear Jackie say that Ta’kari is beautiful, too.

I know a lot dark skinned girls that have major issues with their skin tone, and I feel unfortunate for them because I think it’s a beautiful color. Dark skin is gorgeous and beautiful.

And when I met him [Doug] people were like, ‘Oh my God,  you’re going to be with a white boy.’  I was like OK, anything lighter than my color is white.

I guess from watching Basketball Wives LA, I no longer get these sense that Jackie is as comfortable in her skin, and she leads on. In case you can’t watch the video above, check out what Jackie says about the beauty of both her daughters when you continue.

I have a dark skinned, we have a dark skinned daughter, that’s a little older and she fights with that self-esteem issue a lot too. And she’s very pretty, but she still feels like why did I have to be born dark.

I tell her,  ‘You’re beautiful. You have caramel skin, you know it’s a darker tone, and it’s gorgeous. You can wear whites, and baby blues, and lime greens, and it looks stunning. So don’t worry about that.’

When Carlton Jordan asks Jackie, why does her oldest daughter, Ta’kari, feel that way about color, Jackie attributes it to media, but honestly I think it has to do with a lot more than that.

A lot of celebrities that make it to the top are always fair skinned, or lighter. You really don’t see a lot dark skin girls. That’s why I like the Jennifer Hudsons and all of those people, and Kelly Rowlands and stuff, that’s showing it doesn’t matter. It’s just the pigment of your skin, and that’s it.

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