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Gabrielle Union Says No Plastic Surgery In Her Future

Gabrielle Union is not against plastic surgery, just the needles involved in the process. So until their is a less invasive way to alter her looks, Gabrielle Union is staying as natural as possible. Gabrielle Union tells People, that she does not foresee plastic surgery in her future:

None for me. It’s not a matter of judgement. I’m deathly afraid of needles. If there was a way to skip them, I would do it. And we’ve yet to come up with reasonable Botox in a bottle, so I’m just lucky I don’t have crazy wrinkles. I have a fine line around my mouth because I smile a lot. I’m not doing anything about it!

Honestly, it’s not like she needs plastic surgery anyway, she’s a beautiful woman. But when asked about butt injections, Gabrielle Union admits she needs to do something to change her back side from being too little:

My butt has gotten a lot better because it’s bigger. I do squats and walk on inclines. I don’t look like a scarecrow anymore. I should really back into rooms because that’s how confident I am.

I am glad she’s found her confidence!

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