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Fantasia is defending herself against internet rumors regarding the latest drama surrounding her pregnancy and the Mahalia Jackson biopic. According to producers of the movie, Fantasia did not inform them that she’s pregnant until after she was showing. That’s odd, considering she’s been telling the media that she’s gaining weight to play Mahalia Jackson. When in fact she’s not just gaining weight, she’s growing a baby bump. The baby bump has put production on hold, and now producers are upset with Fantasia because they have to delay filming until after the baby is born December 29th. According to the YBF, Fantasia says she was not aware that productions was starting: (So why was she gaining weight and promoting the movie???)

First, she revealed that she’s still on bed-rest and confirmed that she’s due to give birth to a baby boy on December 29th. Then she said she almost went into labor when she heard the shocking news that the “Mahalia” pic might not get made and it might somehow be her fault.

As far as the movie goes, Fanny said she was told in January that several investors had backed out and the producers were trying to get the financing together. She also added that no contracts were signed and that a date for production was never set.  Interesting.

So where does the movie stand? Fanny said she hasn’t heard from producers….she learned about its status through the press.

[Photo Credit: Black Celeb Kids]

The most shocking part of the of Fantasia’s phone call to Wendy Williams is what happens when Wendy asks Fantasia about being pregnant by a married man…Check out the response:

But what we REALLY want to know is about her pregnancy. When Wendy asked if she was still with Antwaun Cook (and if he was still married), she went silent on the phone. But she told Wendy she would come by to discuss the situation after she gave birth.

I can’t wait to see that interview!

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