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Diddy Goes On A Grey Goose Rampage + His Apology

Surprise, surprise people. Diddy participated in some dramatic overreaction during this past weekend in Atlanta.  According to Miss Jia, Diddy was hanging out at Compound and was not pleased that the people were happily sipping on some Grey Goose, with no Ciroc in sight.  Television and radio host Kenny Burns took things a step further and “gave him the finger”, which set Diddy off in a Bad Boy rampage.

But last night, after some soul searching I guess, Diddy saw the error of his ways and issued this apology on Twitter:

Hmm. Welp. It always looks good to publicly call on the Lord for guidance when you mess up, huh?  So what caused him to start pulling wigs and slapping drinks?  Peep the video of what went down at Compound after the jump…

I’m really LOVING that T.I. jumped up to let folks know he wasn’t about that life and not to put him in it. When your friends refrain from co-signing your B.S. Diddy, you need to keep them around. They’ll check ya when needed.

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