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In Case You Missed It: Murphy Lee May Need A Civil Rights Refresher Course

How many people still remember Murphy Lee? *crickets* In case you missed it, Murph has been promoting a type of moscato wine in the resent years called Freaky Muscato. I think the “u” in “Muscato” is kind of an homage to Murphy’s name…at least I hope so. Lord knows we don’t need to misspell any words out here and have people thinking that’s the appropriate way to spell them.

On Monday, Murphy Lee took to Twitter to let the people know about how well he was working the crowd at a recent wine tasting. *sigh* Unfortunately, I now have to question if he stayed awake during the civil rights sections of history class in school.  Even Martin Luther King would have to give him a strong, judgmental side-eye. Check out his Tweet of Epic Failure, after the jump…

Really dude? Rosa PARTS?? The “K” and “T” keys are nowhere near each other though…I just…*sigh* Womp, womp, Mr. Lee!

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