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Beyonce Likes To ‘Party’ & Khia Likes To Wig Snatch

Last night, Beyonce premiered the video for ‘Party’, featuring the remix version with J. Cole.  Not too sure exactly why the original version with Andre 3000 wasn’t used but I suspect this was just a favor for hubby JayZ.  But once the video was premiered, from out of the mist of burning oil from Church’s Chicken’s deep fryer, emerged Khia on Twitter to put Bey in her place.

*CRICKETS* Apparently, Khia feels Bey took the idea from her video “My Neck, My Back”. *loud record scratch* Ma’am WHAT??? Check out the video and see if you can see the resemblance, after the jump…

Honestly, “My Neck, My Back” is one of those songs I think is “ignant” but I love it.  But considering that it came out in 2002, and the video was pretty much just regular, I’m thinking she’s doing this for some publicity. If you really want to do a comparison, watch Khia’s video here.

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