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Basketball Wives LA Sneak Peek: They Still Talking About Draya

For the fifth straight episode, Draya has been the hottest topic on Basketball Wives LA because the other wives just can’t stop talking about her. This time it’s Gloria who wants to be in conflict with Draya, although Gloria is the one that brought Draya onto the show after meeting Draya in “acting” class. Jackie Christie and Laura Govan have decided to forgive Draya and be more open-minded about getting to know her, while Gloria is hoping the poor girl gets hit by a bus. SMH! That don’t make any sense.

Malayshia is also starting Draya-drama behind the scenes. One minute Malyashia is buddy-buddy with Draya (as you can see from the video clip below) and the next moment Malayshia is talking sideways about the girl with Imani of all people. I’m just  wondering: If Draya didn’t have this child endangerment case, what other reasons would the “Basketball Wives “come up with to keep hating on her???

The good news is, this could be beginning of a new story line to pivot away from Draya, and to focus on the other wives. Naaaaan!

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