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50 Cent Talks About Writing A Book And Has Hair Issues

It seems as though everyone is getting into the writing game.  50 Cent is throwing his name into the field. He stopped by the Today Show and spoke to Kathy Lee Griffin and Hoda Kotb about his new a book called “Playground”, a novel for teen about bullying.  That’s well and good but can we discuss this hair, Curtis??

Kathy Lee and Hoda tried to play it off as “fresh and new”…bbuuuttt…I’m thinking this is more like “HOT and MESS”.  Check out the video of the interview and see if you can focus on what he’s saying,  after the jump…

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Bullying is a serious topic and it’s good seeing someone addressing it and working to stop it. But that hair?  NAWL. I can’t take this seriously, Fiddy.

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