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Teyana Taylor Accused Of Fighting, Again

Teyana Taylor’s name is associated with fighting yet again. Whether or not she is innocent, this is the second time in just a few short months that she is accused of losing her temper and fighting.  This time the person accusing her of fighting is director, Jean-Claude La Marre, while on the set of the movie Gang of Roses 2. Unlike the previous fight, this time Teyana Taylor is speaking out and I think I believe her side of the story. The reason I believe Teyana’s side of the story is because someone *whispers the director* leaked his side to Media Take Out. What creditable person would leak a story to MTO #justsaying? Anyway, it all started over a Teyana’s tooth ache, and went down hill from there.

Teyanna’s side of the story:

At the end of the day, this was a 40-something man who put his hands on a 120 pound, 20-year-old female who was sick and crying. I did nothing wrong.”[…]“[He] jumped on me and began swinging.

I didn’t understand why the antibiotics weren’t working. I thought I might die. So by the third time asking, I told him I really had to go.” Teyana said that’s when Jean-Claude walked over to her, pushed her in the face and said ‘don’t scream at me b—h.’ “He hit me on the exact side of my face with the swelling, and when I was hit more than one time, that’s when everything got crazy.”

“Afterward, I went home, lay down and cried all night. A man put his hands on me. I was very emotional, very sick, and by myself. I was so stressed out and in so much pain. This story is out there to promote the movie. The only thing I can do is defend myself.

Continue on to read Jean-Claude La Marre, the 40-year old Haitian producer accused of beating on a young petite woman:

Teyana went full ratchet and attacked the film’s Director, Jean Claude LaMarre. The snitch claims that, Teyana refused to do a scene,when she was asked, and then said she wanted to go home. But when the director refused her request, she began SWINGING at him and attacked him.Although the director was not seriously injured, he did have her subdued and eventually removed from set. When asked about the incident, LaMarre said “It was just a couple of scratches. I wasn’t interested in calling the police because at the end of the day, she’s only 20 years old and she’s somebody’s daughter. Everybody has a bad day or two. We’re moving on”. {via MTO}

According to TMZ, “Whoever started it … we’re told several crew members had to separate them.”

I hope Teyana press charges, I know she has a fine line to walk being in the industry and all, but we know he guilty if he runs to MTO.  Unless this is all some horrible publicity stunt to get us  to go see Gang of Roses 2. Oh Wait! I didn’t see the first one.

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