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I’m Sorry But My President Looks Good!!!

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle make one beautiful couple. You can’t tell me they were not looking sharp Friday night at the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Phoenix Awards. Black is my favorite color and you can see why. The First Lady was so so doggone fierce and sexy Friday night that President Obama just smiled every time he looked at her. They are definitely bringing sexy back to the White House; it’s been missing since the Kennedys.

BTW, President Barack H Obama will be on BET tonight to answer your questions about the economy and jobs. Make sure you watch the President tonight! You do know Basketball Wives LA comes on twice Monday nights, so no excuses.

A BET News Exclusive: The President Answers Black America premieres MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 at 7:30 PM ET. This exclusive is President Obama’s first television interview with BET on the economic crisis in Black America since he introduced the American Jobs Act, answers questions about how and when recovery will come, and the election politics that have his plan in gridlock. {President Obama on BET News}

These two look so nice they need a sound track…More pics when you continue…

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