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Lil Wayne Sells A Million Albums!!! Beats Jay-Z & Kanye West!!!

I stand corrected! I said Beyonce’s baby news on the VMAs trumped Lil Wayne’s publicity performance for the Carter IV. I think my exact words were, “Sorry Lil Wayne, but the other Carters won.” Well, I was wrong because Lil Wayne managed to claim the King of Hip-Hop title, by selling 1 million albums during a recession and a credit downgrade. Lil Wayne out sold both Kanye West and Jay-Z by a 2-1 margin. The South claims the title this round with more than double the sales of two of hip-hops  heavy weights.

Man them leopard skinny jeans worked!!! Plus that new lack girl lost anthem, How To Love, put this man on top...BTW, I really like that song.

On positive a note, Kanye West and Jay-Z album sales increased by 30,000 this week over last week bringing their weekly total up to 80,000.

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