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Kelly Rowland & Diddy Would Make A Cute Couple #JustSaying

Kelly Rowland is the new face of Diddy’s latest fragrance, Empress.  We love to mess with Diddy a lot, but truth be told he really listens and appreciates criticism. After the backlash of not having women of color in his last fragrance campaign, Diddy really steps it up and finds one of the most beautiful black women in the game. Honestly I don’t know where all the criticism comes from, if you look back over Diddy’s career he has introduced us to some of the greatest talented women in hip-hop and R&B– all shades and sizes.

Anyway check out Ms Kelly Rowland as the Ambassador of Empress. BTW, Diddy and Kelly Rowland look cute together. (Below) Diddy is gifting Kelly Rowland with a beautiful diamond necklace, and the camera man caught the two of them in the middle of a thank-you-kiss. How cute!

More pics and details when you continue…

Diddy and Kelly Rowland were spotted in California at Macy’s Lakewood for the launch of the Empress fragrance.

Kelly Rowland is just so beautiful and FOXY!

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