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Friday Funnies: TypeF Snatches Wigs & Gets Spoofed

Let’s all take a moment to celebrate the fact that today is Friday! *various 90s hip hop dances* I don’t know about you, but at the end of my work week, I like to indulge in any and everything that makes me laugh.  Remember when I posted about Tyra Bank’s fashion and beauty site TypeF earlier this week?

Well, it seems the word got out about the downright horrid videos posted. TypeF responded by yanking down nearly all ALL of their hairstyling videos.  They first removed the natural videos posted then decided to just do one big wig snatch and take them all down.  They also released a statement on their YouTube page:

…Your feedback around the videos in question provided an opportunity for us to? connect with new experts whom we feel will help us better meet the needs of women looking for credible beauty & fashion information. You will soon see changes to the site, including new hair & beauty content from respected voices in our community. Our commitment to celebrating beauty of all types remains strong! We look forward to your help in ensuring we get it right every time.

That’s a step in the right direction, THAT’S for sure.  While I wish I saved at least one of the natural hair videos for it’s comedic element (I mean…there was one called “How to flatten your natural hair” *side eye*), a number of YouTubers decided to post spoofs.  Check out my favorite spoof, after the jump…

Homeboy NAILED. IT. From calling the comb a brush, to the bad wig, down to the 360 spin, he fills me with MUCH joy. Happy Friday people!

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