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Evelyn Lozada Quits Wives Over Terrell Owen Rumors

When I first heard that Evelyn Lozada was quitting Basketball Wives again, I was thinking yea right, how much money does she want this time. However, as more information is being revealed; I think Evelyn just may be serious about walking away, if the contract allows. Vh1, the network that makes millions of dollars from Evelyn Lozada re-printed a story from MTO, that Evelyn says was simply untrue.

The story claims that Evelyn was cheating on Chad Ochocinco with Terrell Owens. Well she wasn’t exactly cheating, she was reportedly hooking up with Terrell around the time she first “dated” Chad, which definitely explains why Mo and Kita can’t stand Evelyn, and made it be known publicly in a video on the red carpet. After the news broke, Chad Ochocinco un-followed Evelyn on twitter before tweeting, “You don’t know how much it hurts,” in Spanish. Then Evelyn threatened to quit twitter and Basketball Wives. It’s all just one big mess, and it involves Vh1 reality stars. (suspect!) Yet, Evelyn is adamant that she’s still planning a wedding amongst all these rumors.

According to TMZ, Evelyn says she’s serious about quitting Basketball Wives, no matter how money is being offered:

We’ve heard it all before — but this time Evelyn Lozada says NO AMOUNT of money can bring her back for season 4 of  VH1‘s “Basketball Wives.”

Sources close to Evelyn tell TMZ — Lozada made up her mind yesterday, after VH1 posted a blog implying Evelyn may have cheated on Chad Ochocinco with his former teammate Terrell Owens.

We’re told Evelyn is furious — claiming the rumor is simply UNTRUE — and she feels betrayed by the network. VH1 has since pulled the blog — but Lozada has already decided enough is enough … and she’s told producers she won’t be returning.

Sources tell us Evelyn is now looking for other opportunities — and will focus on planning her upcoming wedding to Ochocinco.

People think that bloggers just sit and make things up for money, but a lot of the times, these things are orchestrated by PR teams to garner more viewers for the shows. If Evelyn quits Basketball Wives, it will only be because she’s gotten at better deal. The fact that all of this involves the same circle of people, just makes me think it’s all publicity. AND let me tell you; it works! We will all tune into episode one of Basketball Wives to see if Evelyn is there or not, and we will watch Terrell Owens to see if anything is said.

Bloggers don’t just make up gossip, it lands right in our laps. It’s not gossip is PR.

Mo and Kita attacking Evelyn Lozada. Man it looks personal, for real though. Maybe it’s not publicity, maybe it’s the truth, or maybe it’s both.

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