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So Ray J & Fabolous Fighting Like Kids In The Club…Who Made My Ray J Mad

OMG I have never laughed so hard! Ray J is madder than _______, and he wants Fabolous to know that he is ready. Already! Last night Ray J and Fabolous got into a fight according to twitter, but we know for a fact it’s true because Ray J is on the radio confirming the details.

So Ray J calls Charlamagne and the Breakfast Club to talk about his altercation with Fabolous, and according Ray J, Fabolous got his you know what handed to him. Instead of giving up details on why the fight took place, Ray J went on a tirade about his inventory.

Listen my home girls is rolling Bentleys, he [Fabolous] he got a 97 GT. Come on my ninja! He a facade, that ninja broke. He got a condo! Listen I got 20,000 square ft crib. I got indoor pool, I got outdoor pool. I got an indoor basketball court and outdoor basketball court.

WARNING: This video is NSFW due to Ray J’s word choices.

LMBO! Ray J is so mad his voice keeps cracking, I know I shouldn’t laugh, but he is really going in on Fabolous *in his puberty voice*…So how did this mess start?

Well apparently, Fabolous thought he was being funny by making a few jokes about Ray J singing in Floyd Mayweather’s living room during an HBO special. I don’t think Fabolous meant any harm, just making a few laughs on twitter while watching Ray J and Floyd. BUT Ray J didn’t find it funny, and confronted Fabolous in the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas last night with Maywaether-Ortiz style punch to the face. Basically, Ray J threw the first punch and all mayhem broke out. According to twitter Ray J was the one that caught a beat down when it was all said and done, plus Ray J got kicked out the hotel. Now he’s on the Breakfast Club still ready to fight over some dumb mess.

I just know it all started from a dare. Someone in Ray J’s entourage probably dared him to handle his business, and after a few drinks, Ray J punched Fabolous over some elementary style BS. It all started over a few tweets, this e-thugging just got serious.

All I need right now is some popcorn and Evelyn to call *security security*.

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