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Actor Taye Diggs Adds “Author” To His Resume; Writes Children’s Book ‘Chocolate Me’

Taye Diggs stopped by Regis & Kelly yesterday, looking quite dapper.  Regis & Kelly tweeted this picture before taping his interview, to talk about his new book, “Chocolate Me!”

With a title like that, I was SURE this was going to be an autobiographical book (I mean, Taye IS “chocolate brotha” personified) but Taye, inspired by his own personal childhood struggles, wrote a children’s book with a universal message about self esteem and love.

After writing a poem that speaks of embracing everyone’s differences, Taye linked up with his childhood friend Shane W. Evans and published story.  Taye was sure to point out that even though the book is called Chocolate Me, the message is universal and will remind us that we’re all “sweet inside”.  That’s a good look, Taye! Check out the official Chocolate Me! website for book and t shirt information.

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