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Shaquille O’Neal Accused Of Planting A Tracking Device In Shaunie’s Car; Plus Having Multiple Affairs

Shaquille O’Neal has been accused of some crazy mess, since divorcing Shaunie O’Neal, including aiding in the kidnapping of a former associate. To be honest some of these allegations sound like a page ripped out of spy novel, but Shawn Darling, an ex-business associate, claims he has proof.

So Shaquille O’Neal is accused of placing a tracking device on Shaunie’s car because he wanted to know if she was meeting with one of his mistresses (Vanessa Lopez). He’s also accused of using the police department to plant evidence on an ex-business partner, and last but not least, he’s accused of having multiple affairs, including one with a high profile magazine reporter….

Shaquille O’Neal’s legal troubles are continuing with a shocking new lawsuit that RadarOnline.com and Star Magazine have exclusively uncovered in a joint investigation. In the filing the famed baller is accused of planting a tracking device on his wife’s car, using the services of police officers and state attorneys to help him threaten and plant false evidence on a business associate, and even trying to cover-up multiple affairs, including one with a Newsweek reporter.

Shawn Darling, who originally filed a lawsuit against O’Neal in 2010, has filed an amended complaint alleging that O’Neal inflicted “emotional distress and invasion of privacy” against him. In the shocking new lawsuit, Darling alleges O’Neal began worrying that his wife, Shaunie, was meeting with Shaq’s alleged mistress Vanessa Lopez, so he began spying on her using advanced tracking systems.

Another shocking claim in the lawsuit is that the basketball star used government officials, including police officers, retired police officers and state attorneys to help him deal with his mistress and ultimately to plant evidence on his ex-friend, Darling. He also claims that O’Neal carried on “an improper affair with reporter Allison Samuels of Newsweek magazine.  If the affair came to light, O’Neal knew his mother would be furious.  O’Neal believed that by harming Darling, the proof of his improper relationship with Samules would never come to light. {Shaquille O’Neal Accused Of Tracking Wife’s Car}

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