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So Rapper Kreayshawn Tattoos Fried Chicken On Her Arm…

Rapper Kreayshawn reveals her latest tattoo during Summer Jam in Oakland. Her new tattoo is a picture of a fried chicken leg with a bite taken out of it. First of all, how many black stereotypes can one non-rapper embrace? Secondly, fried chicken? Really?!? That’s almost as bad as Gucci Man’s ice cream and lightning bolt tattoo.

IDK, maybe there is a story behind the tattoo. Maybe Kreayshawn lost a homie in a KFC shoot out, or something like that.

Y’all can support this chick here, if you want to, BUT there is no way I can get down with someone who keeps using every black stereotype to prove her rap authenticity, AND can’t even rap. I’m going to need Kreayshawn to at least display some level of true talent when it comes to rapping before I can transcend her basic thinking on race. Anyway, check out the interview below in case you think I’m making this stuff up:

I need someone to convince me she’s not making fun of black people, for real. Like, I’m serious. This feels like a big joke, but I’m not laughing.

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