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Mariah Carey Losing Her Baby Weight; Plus Halle Berry Body Takes Hard Work

Mariah Carey is working her booty off to get back in shape after having twins (also known as “dem babies”). Mariah tweeted a recent photo of herself jogging with her puppies…all five of them. I must say she looks great! I am laughing that she’s wearing tennis shoes, but still on her tip toes.

Speaking of getting back in shape, Halle Berry weight trainer reveals the secret to her 45 year old wonderland body. If you thought Halle Berry just has it naturally, her trainer reveals that she works hard for that body:

According to Halle Berry’s personal trainer, Nat Bardonnet:

Halle’s body looks 10 years younger, at least. She’s an inspiration! We try to get rid of what she doesn’t like while keeping her womanly shape: erasing thighs, keeping the butt high, lengthening the hamstrings, and working the abs.

Up your cardio sessions and eat five times a day while avoiding sugar, flour, lactose, cheese, dough, rice, and pasta. If you want to lose weight and look camera ready like Halle, you can have carbs two times a week.

OMG! My whole diet is based on CARBS! That takes some real discipline to drop CARBS. Perhaps I should put down this bagel and cream cheese, right now!

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