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Lil Wayne’s New Video ‘How To Love’ Is Very Touching

In the spirit of Tupac (Brenda’s Got A Baby) and Nas (Black Girl Lost) , Lil Wayne has a new video dealing with the issues women often face from not having real love or role models in their lives. On one hand I love this video, and on the other hand I can’t help but think how the same hip-hop culture also takes advantages of these young women. If you know she’s broken, why take advantage of the fact. BUT, at least Lil Wayne is talking about the issue and making us talk about it, too. It’s been a long time since someone in hip-hop has written a message for young women that’s authentic.

P.S. -I actually love this song, and will be downloading it right after this post. Check out the video and please post your thoughts!!! I just thank God that my mother loved hard, and always kept on the path whenever I jumped off thinking I was grown.

Lil Wayne How To Love Video via  Necole Bitchie

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