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Katt Williams and his entourage got into a fight during a Young Jeezy concert in Arizona. In Katt Williams defense, Jeezy was on stage performing, I Love It, and if you’re going to fight that song is the perfect soundtrack for fighting and/or stripping #imjustsayinMan, I love that song. Speaking of Young Jeezy (Baller Alert Has A Juicy NSFW Story about the Rapper).

Anyway, Miss Dimplez has the video of a shirtless Katt Williams disrupting a Young Jeezy concert to fight.

Young Jeezy was in Arizona last night and brought the house down, literally. I’m not quite sure what caused the fight, but Katt Williams wound up fighting (yes, actual blows) with a local Arizona promoter. Jeezy had to temporarily halt the concert, as the lights cut on and security got their britches in order… All before Katt was escorted out and proceeding with the remainder of the concert.

Check out the video when you continue…SMH! Katt Williams has really lost his way, what’s going on with him?

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