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CONFIRMED: Fantasia Is Pregnant By Antwaun; Well Duh!

Fantasia finally reveals what we’ve already known for months now, that she is indeed pregnant by lover Antwaun, and not gaining weight to play Mahalia Jackson in a biopic. Although she went to great lengths to hide it for a long time, she is ready to reveal the truth to her fans. Congrats! Shoot, I love the babies…

You are the first person that I share this news with, and I share this with you because I can relate to you. And for awhile I walked around, figuring out what will they say, like what will they think about me.  But now I tell you I don’t live my life for folk.

So, this child that I carry, God has given me this child. And I don’t have to hide it from none of y’all. O_0

Watch the video of her announcement via @msicandi when you continue… I don’t know what took her so long, it’s not like she was doing a good job of hiding it, we all know Fannie like to be nearly naked, so these mumu dresses she was sporting were a tell tell sign...

So what do you think about this situation? Honestly, everyone has a life to live, and when the babies are involved, I just hope for the best.

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