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Amber Rose Pics Leaked Again By Media Take Out *Sighs*

Really Amber Rose and Media Take Out!?! At this point it’s not even news, or exciting. Amber Rose nude pics have leaked again, again, and again. I believe Amber Rose has been a victim of hacking at least one out of the four times that her pictures have been leaked, but at this point if Amber’s pics are still being leaked, perhaps she should just use a Polaroid camera, or stop leaking them herself. I’m not saying she shouldn’t take nude photos, that’s her individual right. However, the method she’s using now, just isn’t working privacy wise. Try Polaroids!!!

I’m just having a hard time believing in all of these “accidents”, especially after we proved Amber Rose was lying about the last batch of leaked nude photos.

Sorry, I’m not posting the actual pics, but they’re easy to find at MTO. I just can’t wait to see or hear what Amber Rose has to say about this . Wouldn’t it be funny if Kanye West is paying Wiz Khalifa to leak them. LOL! We know these are new because of the piercings.

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