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Help Me! White Rapper Chick V-Nasty Thinks Using The N-Word OK

Rapper V-Nasty from the Kreayshawn’s White Girl Mob… I just have to stop right there, and laugh at White Girl Mob! That DON’T even sound intimidating. I don’t even know if I can finish typing this post without laughing myself into a coma, at these tiny petite girls in costumes trying to act HARD! So anyway rapper V-Nasty, is just another “hard” white chick who walked through the hood, her words not mine, and because of that walk she should be able to use the n-word without being questioned.  Apparently, there is some n-word sorority where all you have to do is walk through a hood, and you can earn your n-word usage stripes, like it’s a girl scout badge. If your music is that pathetic that the n-word is the only thing that sticks out in the lyrics, then you probably should switch to acting.

Anyway, listen to the girl’s justification of the n-word in her songs, it will make you take a long deep *SIGH*…O_o

That sh*t be hella fake, muthaf*ckas always asking Kreayshawn, ‘Why you gotta say n*gga?’ Is n*gga a f*cking race? Am I offending people? Am I saying it in a disrespectful type of way?

Due to horrible accents and language this video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK…NSFW

I can’t deal with the caricatures. This is like white face (opposite of black face) or something else gone horribly wrong.  AND I think it sets mankind back no matter what your racial identity is. Post your thoughts if you will because I can honestly write a 10 page sociological essay on this mess.

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